Lockdown wellbeing challenge? ? ? ?


5-12 November

  • Start a lockdown journal- write about your day, your feelings, or make some plans for the future
  • Go for a walk and gather a bunch of autumn wild cuttings for a vase at home- (dried seed heads, flowers, sticks, leaves all look great when combined together)
  • Plan a movie night- make homemade popcorn or any other treat you like and schedule a feel good movie!
  • Find a lock-down buddy that you can call or text to support each other and commit to check in with them at least once a week.
  • Make a ?happy? play list of your favourite songs, or listen to music that gives you a boost!

12- 19 November

  • Bake something! You can try our very own Jonathan?s Orange Flapjacks (see our Facebook page for demo and recipe- or we can email this to you), or something else that you fancy!
  • Do some gentle exercise (inside or outside) for 20 minutes, to get your heart rate increased (how about a dance in the kitchen to a classic tune!?)
  • Have a cold water shower! (Cold water therapy is fantastic for your mental and physical health- try 5 minutes in a cold shower first (do not end with a warm shower!!) and build up to 10 minutes. You can have a cold bath instead! And treat yourself afterwards to a warm drink and 10 minutes to sit and warm up!
  • Take a photo of something ?cozy?- We?ll be sharing information about the Scandinavian concept of ?Hygge? and how this helps people cope with the cold dark winters there! Share your cozy pictures with us!
  • Make a healthy vegetable filled meal, to boost your nutrition and your mental health.

19-26 November

  • Try some yoga stretches- see our very own Ja?s video for some beginners stretches (will be posted on Facebook or can be emailed! You can also find beginners yoga on Youtube- try searching ?Yoga with Adriene- Beginner?)
  • Create a picture using anything you have, paint, pens, things from nature, newspaper clippings, anything you can find! (You could compare creations with your lockdown buddy!)
  • Do a crossword- find one in an old newspaper, or online, and see if you can complete it
  • Organise something at home- that messy drawer, that stack of paperwork, the food cupboard?choose one small area and create some order.
  • Try using some ?mindful breathing? exercises- we?ll share a guided video on the Facebook page, or give you some guidance to help you at home.

26 November- 3 December

  • Write down 5 things you?re thankful for, or that make you feel happier- you could add this to your lockdown journal.
  • Go for a ?rain? walk (because we?re guaranteed at least some rain!). Don?t worry about getting wet, but wrap up warm and go and ‘experience? the weather. Have a warm drink and 10 minutes to warm up and dry off when you get back!
  • Create an anonymous card or letter to someone else who might be alone this winter, with some words of encouragement or advice! We?ll happily share these amongst our other clients who want to take part (all anonymous of course!).
  • Learn to say ?hello? in 10 different languages!
  • Read your lockdown journal and reflect on the last 4 weeks and what you?ve achieved.

You can keep up to date and see what other?s are doing, plus share your own progress, on our Facebook page- @Wiltshire Sparks. You can also find a buddy in our private group (Wiltshire Sparks- Friends and Volunteers). We?re also on Instagram- @wiltshiresparks ? so please tag us in any of your posts about how you?re getting on!


We encourage you to continue to engage regularly with your links advisor, and contact the AWP 24/7 response line on 0300 303 1320 if you need urgent support.